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Az Man Ibrahim
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Sungai Siput Utara, Perak, Malaysia
To dear readers
Everything you see and read inside my page; is perposely for my own record, not for your pleasure.
Learn, Unlearn, Relearn
Do one thing at a time, eventually everything will be over.
Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again but expecting different results; elbert einstains
The best way is the simplest way.
You are what your expected
Nothing will be achieved unless we break our comfort zone.
Problem become a challange when you are positive and become a burden when you are negative.
Rome wasn't built in a day
Experience is what you get when you didnt get what you wanted; last lecture
When we are connected to others, we become better person.
Don't complain just work harder.
Everybody have their good side, just be patience.
Give to others, remember....we are blessed.
I have not failed, i've just found 10000 ways that wont work; Thomas Adison
There's no reason to have plan B, because it can distract plan A; Will Smith
Fast Action, Fast Result.
Reapfield Properties Shah Alam Sdn Bhd
CNI Malaysia
(2001 - 2006)
maktab mahmud
SMKA Al-Mashoor
Universiti of Malaya
Universiti Putra Malaysia
Kolej Agama Sultan Zainal Abidin
Research Institute of Investment Analyst Malaysia
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